engagement and dialogue, last year we organised our first series of 'expert meetings'. Bringing together a broad group of external stakeholders and internal HEINEKEN specialists, the meetings generated insights on our sustainability performance, where we are doing well and where we can be more ambitious. We combined the outcomes of these meetings with our own analysis, which included reviewing our peers' sustainability rankings and benchmarking ourselves against our competitors, to identify and prioritise the issues, risks and opportunities most relevant to our business and stakeholders. The result of the assessment - a complex but rewarding process that took the best part of a year - was a simplified, more focused sustainability agenda based around four key areas. Do you have measurable targets? Each of the four areas is built around a number of concrete commitments. These state our ambitions for 2020, with the milestones we need to reach by 2015. For 'Water', for instance, our 2020 ambition is to reduce specific water consumption by 25%, to 3.7 hi of water to produce 1 hi of beer. The milestone for 2015 is to reduce specific water consumption to 3.9 hi of water per hi of beer. By way of comparison, in 2012 we achieved 4.2 hl/hl. The ambitions we set in 2010 have not changed and are integrated into our new agenda. How will the new agenda be translated into action? Sustainability is now one of the Company's key strategic priorities. In addition, we have already embedded Brewing a Better Future in the majority of our Operating Companies and will align all future acquisitions with the approach. Our new priorities and commitments were communicated extensively at the beginning of the year. We have also made sustainability one of the five merit areas in senior managers' annual performance appraisals. This means that sustainability becomes an integral aspect of behaviour rather than an afterthought linked to a short-term financial bonus. What are the focus areas? Water: reducing water consumption and balancing water demand O» Climate change: reducing the environmental impact in the value chain Sourcing: securing our supply chain of materials O» Responsible consumption: reducing alcohol-related harm 34 World of HEINEKEN Edition 2 2013

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