Addition to Category Growth INNOVATION A Refreshing Radler, a mix of high-quality beer and lemonade made with natural lemon juice is proving to be a key volume and profit driver for customers in 24 successful launch markets to date. It appeals to existing beer and non-beer drinking consumers, can be enjoyed in new drinking occasions and satisfies the growing trend for natural products. For these reasons, Radler is proving to be our biggest volume innovation ever. Radler variants have been launched across Europe in 2013 D product, which typically Jk ^contains 40% beer and 60% lemonade made from natural juice. Its invention is widely attributed to Munich bar owner Franz Xaver Kugler. In 1922 he decided to mix beer with lemonade to make his beer stock stretch further when he was suddenly inundated with customers on a cycling tour. FIEINEKEN has taken this tradition and brought reliable quality and a modern twist to the radler segment by basing its Radlers on its existing quality beer brands. Natural Appeal "Radler clearly fits with a growing consumer trend towards more natural products," says Wencke Visser, Product Development Manager. It contains no artificial additives, and its appeal as a natural product is visually reinforced by its cloudy appearance, resulting from the natural lemon juice. Radler has an ABV of 2%, so it is an attractive proposition for consumers looking for a lower alcohol alternative. "The unique fusion of beer and lemonade creates a taste experience that is natural, thirst quenching and extremely refreshing - a concept which tested very positively among consumers around the world. The packaging reflects these attributes through the addition of elements such as citrus fruits and water droplets to the existing mother beer brand's design. In some countries, up to 90% of respondents indicated a positive buying intention." "In test markets, in addition to existing beer drinkers, Radler has also attracted less frequent beer drinkers," explains Wencke. "In some Eastern European countries we had the evidence of many consumers choosing Radler instead of soft drinks, mineral water and coffee. Its light and refreshing character also makes Edition 2 2013 World of HEINEKEN 29

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