WINNING WITH CONSUMERS "We are also working on technical improvements across all our equipment to drive us closer to that 100% quality mark. Our standard draught beer coolers are now 'green,' consistent with our Brewing a Better Future sustainability agenda, helping generate energy and financial savings for our customers." The Benefits of Efficiency Efficiency means a better way of working for both ourselves and our customers through the provision of great service. "If we're putting in a new installation, we make sure we do it on the day we say we will, and get it right first time, so our customers immediately have beer pouring to our quality specification," explains Nick. "We want to make sure our line-cleaning service is efficient too, so our customers can continue to serve the perfect quality FIEINEKEN draught products all the time." Standardising Markets Across the business, we have been working on taking the best equipment and standardising it across markets. "Where we used to have 700 different draught beer columns, for example, we now have 70. Getting the right quality is about using the right equipment, and we want to make this choice easier and more efficient for our customers," states Nick. "We want to be able to talk openly with them about the number of taps they need to create the optimum throughput to ensure perfect quality. This may even mean we recommend a reduction in tap numbers so they can consistently provide consumers with the best quality draught beer." The Route to Success Moving forward, it is clear that the route to success in draught is centred on quality. "It's about ensuring the right draught brand is presented in the right way at the right outlets," confirms Nick. "We need to keep adding value for our consumers and our customers to deliver our vision focused on a passion for quality." Quality means ensuring that the draught beer looks right in the eyes of the consumer That means pouring the perfect level of foam every time And ensuring that the beer is delivered in the correctly branded glass and on the right coaster Edition 2 2013 World of HEIN EKEN 27

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