44 Tir A clear passion for quality is driving HEIN EKEN draught business forward. This translates into a focus on improving the quality of the consumer's draught experience, and providing a top quality service for our customers. Nick Rust, Western Europe Draught Beer Development Manager, talks to World of HEIN EKEN about the latest developments. hen it comes to draught, quality is key in everything we do. In Western Europe today, our activities are based around three key areas to deliver this," explains Nick. "We want to make sure the draught beer itself is of the highest quality and, at the same time, we want to be as efficient as possible, including standardising equipment and sharing best practice." Measuring Quality "We use an external company to audit the quality of our customers' draught beer twice a year across a number of cities," says Nick. "Firstly, they test to ensure the beer looks right in the eye of the consumer. They're looking Edition 2 2013 World of HEIN EKEN 25

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