Heineken®'s Grasp on Asia The Heineken® brand has a long history in Asia, entering the region through export back in 1914. Today, it is the leading international beer brand in the Asia-Pacific region, with 6.2 million hectolitres sold across APB markets in 2011. Heineken® is a pioneer in Asia Pacific and has enjoyed impressive growth in the region as a result of innovative brand activation Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 9 "We are beer pioneers in Asia Pacific. Heineken® has actually created the international premium segment in most of the markets," says Laurent Odinot, Regional Marketing Manager. "The acceleration of the brand volume under the APB umbrella is breathtaking. Compared with 1995, when Heineken® sold fewer than one million hectolitres, we grew to 6.2 million in 2011. The most impressive growth within APB markets came from Vietnam, where the brand has grown 25% year-on-year to enjoy sales today of 2.7 million hectolitres. This is currently Heineken®'s second largest market in the world. And we have doubled the Heineken® volume in China over the past four years too." Alongside this, Heineken® was also enjoying the success of its historical export markets, such as Hong Kong and South Korea, with Taiwan as the highlight of this success story. "Again, Heineken® was the first international brand to successfully enter a monopoly there. By u eineken® is the leading brand in the Jk international premium segment in most APB markets, most notably Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and New Caledonia. The brand is also a strong challenger in China, and has recently been introduced in Laos and Mongolia. Brand Performance In 2011, Heineken®grew by more than 15% in Asia Pacific, largely driven by strong growth in Vietnam and China, APB's largest markets, and a strong performance in Taiwan, where Heineken® is imported from the Netherlands. 2012 proved to be a more challenging year due to the economic slowdown in some markets as well as increasing competition. However, the foundations of Heineken® are solid, and the brand is also ideally positioned to capture the highest share of the region's international premium segment growth in 2013.

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