n 2013 isn't just about celebrating the past 140 years, it's also about celebrating Heineken®'s future BRAND BUILDING According to Heineken®'s Global Head of Design, Mark van Iterson, "Amsterdam is not only the home of Heineken®, but it has also shaped the brand - open mindedness, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation and humour are all typical qualities of Amsterdam. As well as, of course, the fact that Amsterdam welcomes the world with open arms. These characteristics are all part of the brand's DNA and have helped make it the world's leading global beer." Anything but a Wallflower The bottle wall brought together a unique blend of innovative design concepts. A faqade made from a 22m x 8m steel frame held nearly 5,000 Heineken® bottles, each with an LED light behind it. Bespoke digital technology and innovative production techniques turned this Bottle Wall into a digital screen, which, when lit, displayed images across the 'glass gauze' of iconic green bottles. The design used environmentally friendly and energy-efficient LED bulbs, and, of course, Heineken®'s own recyclable bottles. Placed on the front of Heineken®'s original brewery, the Bottle Wall was not only an innovative way of bringing Heineken®'s heritage to life, it also gave consumers the chance to become part of the brand's history by placing them at the heart of the festivities. In a bid to reach out to its fans across the globe and engage them in a novel way, Heineken® asked consumers to submit a personal message of congratulations and a picture of themselves via a dedicated tab on its Facebook page. The messages formed part of a dynamic animated dance sequence that was showcased alongside visuals of the brand's 140 years of evolution, as well as some of the best Future Bottle Design Challenge entries from 2012. This spectacular showcase was displayed to thousands of passers-by and festival visitors in Heineken®'s home city of Amsterdam, as well as being streamed live to millions of Heineken® fans around the world via Facebook. A special launch party was held on the evening of 7 December for national and international press, as well as HEINEKEN and Amsterdam Light Festival guests. The bottle wall was switched on for the first time at 18:45, and was followed by a short light show that included interactive laser elements, music created by a DI using bottle sounds, and more. All of these elements brought to life how Heineken® 'opens up the world', connects people across the globe, and is always pushing the boundaries by exploring new possibilities. Heineken®'s Past and Present Come Together Another way that Heineken® is marking its 140th anniversary is through the launch of a special Limited Edition gift pack that celebrates the brand's past, present and future. Each of the four 16fI oz aluminium bottles in the pack has its own special Heineken® story to tell: The 'Paris 1889' bottle commemorates the World Exhibition, at which Heineken® received the Grand-Prix for the world's best beer; the 'Amsterdam 1931' bottle marks the year the Heineken® red star, an international symbol of quality, was born. Moving on to the present, the 'World 2013' bottle celebrates a beer that is 140 years 'young' and enjoyed around the globe, while the 'Future' bottle, designed by 2012's Future Bottle Design Challenge winners Lee Dunford and Rodolfo Kusulas, symbolises connecting in the future. Forward Thinking But 2013 isn't just about celebrating the past 140 years, it's also about celebrating Heineken®'s future. In December 2012, the next Future Bottle Design Challenge was launched to give designers around the world the opportunity to become part of Heineken®'s future history. "We've given total creative freedom to the participants," says Els. "With the brief 'Remix our Future', we want to challenge everybody to create exciting new innovative designs, while leveraging our past in a way that's fitting for the Heineken® brand." World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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