to Celebrate BRAND BUILDING Reasons 2013 is a very special year for Heineken® as the brand celebrates being 140 years young. And as an open, progressive brand with design in its DNA, what better way for Heinekento mark this milestone than with three creative events: the launch of a special Limited Edition gift pack, a new Future Bottle Design Challenge, and an innovative digital installation that connects people around the globe and puts Heinekenconsumers at the centre of the celebration. T? rom 7 December 2012 until 2 January 2013, the front of the Heineken Experience building in Amsterdam became a giant wall installation made from thousands of illuminated Heineken® bottles. This was an integral part of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which saw the city's centre and canals illuminated for a month. "The bottle wall acted as a showcase of the brand's 1 AO years as well as an interactive canvas that allowed Heineken® fans around the world to share in the celebration and become part of the brand's history by joining a global, social media-powered party," says Concept Development Manager, Els Dijkhuizen. "After all, why toast with one bottle, if you can toast with 5,000!" Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN

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