These commitments strengthen our existing efforts 66 RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION The website offers a number of tips for drinking Heineken®'s full range of responsible drinking I responsibly and enjoying the night to the full I activities are detailed on the wesbsite HEINEKEN has committed to implement these actions across all businesses and brands. How will retailer support be enlisted? The aim of the retailer commitment is to arrive at a set of mutually agreed set of 'guiding principles of responsible beverage alcohol retailing'. These principles could include discouraging obviously irresponsible promotions, encouraging responsible point-of-sale marketing, and the responsible sale of alcoholic products. Implementation could include proof-of-age requirements and training retail staff on how to identify, prevent and manage intoxicated drinkers. Why is retailer support considered so important? We believe that no single sector has the key to addressing misuse and consequently that all sectors should play a role in trying to reduce harmful drinking. Working together with retailers is therefore essential. Of course, it's the role of the retailer to decide how they want to sell their products, but by cooperating closely we hope to make greater progress than either side acting alone. HEINEKEN has a long-standing commitment to reduce harmful drinking. Why has it signed up to these new actions? We take our responsibilities in this area very seriously and it is our view that these global commitments strengthen and expand existing efforts and send an important message that the industry is united in its view that alcohol can, and should be, consumed responsibly. What are the next steps? These commitments will be implemented over the course of five years. Clear goals, budgets, time frames and measurements will be put in place for all. How will HEINEKEN monitor if they are meeting their commitments? As well as internal measurements, independent third-party organisations will audit and publicly report annually on all signatories' progress. This will start from the end of 2013. Do you envision HEINEKEN or GAPG making further commitments in the future? The first priority is implementation of these agreed commitments. These provide a good basis for action and the potential to achieve public health goals. At the same time, we will always look for opportunities to strengthen the Company's contribution to reducing alcohol-related harm in the future. K 42 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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