RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION Alcohol Industry Unites As part of its continuing efforts to tackle the harmful use of alcohol, HEIN EKEN has joined some of the world's largest alcohol producers in signing a series of global commitments. Roland Verstappen, Director of Global Public and Governmental Affairs, explains why a proactive approach is essential for our industry, and highlights why cooperation with retailers is crucial for success. What is the background to these new global commitments? The alcohol industry has a long history of proactive involvement in tackling harmful drinking. Since the World Health Organisation's (WHO) adoption of the Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol in May 2010, global alignment in relation to industry prevention efforts by companies, trade associations and social welfare organisations has increased. In October 2011, the global alcohol industry signed five key commitments to support increased action in relation to harmful drinking. These global commitments were coordinated through the International Center for Alcohol Policies (ICAP) and the Global Alcohol Producers Group (GAPG). ICAP is a non profit organisation supported by major alcohol producers, including HEINEKEN. It aims to be the leading global think-tank on alcohol, focusing on science and policy rather than lobbying or advocacy. GAPG is responsible for advocating appropriate policy and strategy at a national and international level. The CEOs of the member companies of ICAP and GAPG meet annually to discuss industry action relating to responsible consumption. HEINEKEN is represented by its CEO, Jean-Franqois van Boxmeer. What exactly has HEINEKEN committed to? The commitments within this new, collective pledge include ten specific actions grouped into five key areas: Underage drinking Marketing codes of practice Consumer information and product innovation Drink-driving Retailer support. L 1 W I Reducing underage drinking, including limiting access I to digital content, is part of the commitments Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN

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