We want consumers to be excited to buy beer and drink it W WINNING PARTNERSHIPS Working closely with customers to drive sales through inspiring special editions "In one market where a 'beer and food' activation platform has been developed, an idea was generated for innovative channel use," comments Ghislaine. "They targeted the deli sector, which caters mainly to takeaway consumers and those collecting food for a picnic or activity, to match convenient pre-chilled twist-top beer brands, such as Heineken®, alongside high-end snacks, and appropriate in-store merchandising. This was a completely different approach to beer and food pairing, which is normally associated with restaurants. "In another market, a health-oriented growth driver leveraged relevant brands such as Pelforth Organic. This enabled the health benefits to be communicated at all touchpoints." Rethinking Store Presentation In France, FIEINEKEN is currently leading discussions with key retailers about Category Vision, and they are beginning trials of new beer category display formats. The goal is to make the shopping experience more enjoyable and make it easier for shoppers to find the right products and encourage them to try new ones. They are also using trialling to educate consumers about the different types of beer tastes available. In doing this, the shopper gets to experience the complete beer category. "This has required a significant investment in things such as shelving, point of sale and lighting. But the retailers' belief in the growth potential of the beer category, inspired by the Category Vision-focused discussions FIEINEKEN has had with them, has given them confidence in the potential returns," says Ghislaine. "Some customers will be able to move on this quicker than others. Some will need to tweak things first, and then do a big roll-out. Working this out together with them is extremely exciting." Within the on-trade, the type of outlet will be carefully aligned with a specific growth driver. FIEINEKEN will then work together with the outlet to activate it. "For example, outlets that align well with, say, 'social occasions with friends', will logically stock products that meet the needs of mixed social groups, and merchandising and promotions will support this," explains Ghislaine. "This will mean working with customers to make sure they understand what FIEINEKEN is trying to achieve from a consumer behaviour point of view, and offering a basket of activation ideas." Vision for the Future Right now, FIEINEKEN is working together with specific customers to test the approach further. "Results in France are encouraging," says Ghislaine. "Holding a conversation with retailers about what consumers want, how shoppers behave, and a win-win business approach to how to move the whole beer category forward is a significant step-change from the traditional beer category approach of purely discussing promotions or pricing." With Category Vision expected to be widely implemented by 201 A, the objective is to continue to extend the approach to more markets and customers, and to continue to share success stories. "The focus is on growth," concludes Ghislaine. "Doing fewer things bigger and better. And this process helps us focus on just that." K k0 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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