Driving Excitement in the Attentive readers of World of HEIN EKEN will recall from the last edition the introduction of'Taste Discovery', one of six key 'growth drivers' identified by HEINEKEN's Global Category Vision team. Here, we explore how HEIN EKEN is also using the other five growth drivers to bring excitement and sales back to the beer category. Pelforth Organic is used to leverage the health- oriented growth area The special Pelforth 'spring' limited edition appeals to the demand for seasonal products 38 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013 u EINEKEN's Global Category Vision team have made a giant leap in Jk Jk understanding what motivates consumers to purchase beer, and have carefully applied what they have learned to the category. They are focusing their efforts on six key growth drivers - areas that research has shown to have the biggest impact when it comes to growing the category globally. These growth drivers aim to increase the three 'mores': more people, more often and more value.

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