Outlets that install Heineken® Extra Cold see an average increase in volumes of 18% U SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION year. With the price of energy increasing, bar owners are becoming increasingly aware of their energy usage and actively looking for ways to decrease this overhead. "The energy saving of 1,000 new Extra Cold columns is equal to the energy consumed by 73 European households," says Kirsten Barnhoorn, Heineken® Sustainability Manager and Project Manager for the Heineken® Fountain Extra Cold. "Costing 23% less than the current system, it makes the business case for Extra Cold even more attractive." How Does it Work? "These savings are achieved in a number of ways," explains Kirsten. "The system no longer uses a separate glycol cooler for cooling the column itself. Instead, one single cooler and advanced control box is used for both freezing the column and cooling the beer. Because there's only one cooler, it requires less maintenance and takes up considerably less space, which was an important factor for many customers." The new system also provides fast freezing, with ice build-up on the column taking less than one hour. "Unlike the original column, this means that it can be turned off when the bar is closed, using the built-in timer," Kirsten continues. "In the original design, the whole column was frozen to form ice. With the new column, the ice build-up is now restricted to the areas visible by the consumer, which also reduces energy consumption. And the ice build-up is now also effective in hotter climates up to 38°C." Additional Business "Competitors have recently started with extra cold beer using a column similar to our original one," concludes Franklin. "But this new innovation once again puts us ahead in terms of sustainable credentials, consumer perception and customer benefits." K The newiy designed column allows the illuminated Extra Cold badge to be seen by consumers from ail angles Did you know? Heineken® Extra Cold draught is served between -3 and +1'C in frozen glasses. At this temperature, the beer tastes fresher and smoother until the last drop. At the last sip, Extra Cold beer is still around 5'C colder than a standard served beer. And the last sip is the actual moment when consumers decide whether to order another round or not.

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