range of accessories and point-of-sale material available," says Franklin van den Bos, Trade Marketing Manager Fieineken® On-Premise. Smart Design, Broad Appeal The newly designed column is more closely aligned with the design attributes of the Fieineken® brand itself, copying many of the design cues used in the bottle and glassware. With around 60% of consumers deciding which brand to choose at the bar, for the new draught column it was important that the illuminated Extra Cold badge could be seen and read from the sides as well as straight on - particularly for people standing at the bar. Another new enhancement is the temperature indicator that clearly shows the temperature of Extra Cold. During trials in Ireland, even when the new tap was positioned next to the original tap, consumers believed that the beer from the tap with the temperature shown meant the beer was served colder. The new fast-freezing technology used in the new design also means that the column only generates ice during opening hours, creating a consistently perfect, premium layer of ice. With 40% less energy consumption than the current Extra Cold draught installation, the innovative new Fieineken® Fountain Extra Cold supports Fieineken®'s sustainability ambitions. It takes Fieineken® one step closer to fulfilling its ambition of becoming the most sustainable global beer brand in the world. At today's prices, this results in customer energy savings of between €250-300 per 36 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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