New Heineken® Fountain Extra Cold SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION who were previously stocking competitor brands of beer. Customers are so delighted with the enhanced commercial benefits of David XL Green, that they are prepared to pay an annual service fee to Alken-Maes." With two taps, David XL Green has also proved to be effective for developing the specialty beers category alongside volume brands in outlets such as brasseries and grand cafés. "We've also discovered that an added benefit for national clients is the increased mobility, as the units are portable," adds Geert. David XL Green is also exceeding customer's own volume forecasts, Geert explains. "One customer in Belgium is already on track to almost double his initial 20HL forecast." "Since the global launch in July 2012, the installation rate is well on track at a rate of around 1,500 new David XL Greens per year," says Erik. "In addition to the traditional draught markets here in Europe, the innovation is proving to be a real hit in typically non-draught markets, for example Mexico. There, the draught infrastructure doesn't exist, therefore the David provides an excellent 'plug and play' solution in a market where draught beer is becoming increasingly popular. For further information contact: Change a keg in less than a minute, with no cleaning and no beer waste With 42% of consumers claiming to prefer extra cold beer on certain occasions, Heineken® can be proud of the fact that it's been leading the extra cold segment since it introduced this innovative product in 2006. At the same time, it brings with it the challenge of serving Heineken® Extra Cold in the most sustainable and energy-efficient way. To maintain this competitive advantage, following three years of research and development, a new Heineken® Fountain Extra Cold column has recently been launched. It offers even greater customer and consumer benefits, and reduces energy consumption by more than 40%. Heineken® Extra Cold beer is now available in more than 110 markets, where it is highly appreciated for its instant refreshment and is the preferred choice in high-energy occasions, such as sea and beach, city heat, dance fever and sports cheer. "Experience has shown that outlets that install Heineken® Extra Cold see an average 18% increase in volumes, with the biggest gains achieved by those who fully activate the brand using the extensive Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 35

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