The New David XL Green SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION jL#jl Sustainable Business is Good Business r Imagine an investment that would pay for itself in less than a couple of years, due to lower operating costs, and then continue to save money. Add increased sales and impressive green credentials to the description, and it almost seems too good to be true. But two recently launched HEINEKEN innovations, the David XL Green and the Heineken® Fountain Extra Cold, fit this description perfectly. Energy costs for the new David XL Green are 50% lower than even the newest 'green' draught systems available Improved product quality, enhanced consumer experience, superior branding, lower running costs, reduced beer waste, and increased staff convenience are just a few of the new David XL Green's credentials. So it's no surprise when Commercial Manager, Erik van der Aa, confirms that the roll-out has started in ten markets and is resulting in a wave of new customers. Consumers these days are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and appreciative of how a perfect beer should look and taste. But they're not always satisfied with the quality. "Consumers want their draught beer to be perfect every single time," explains Erik. "The new David XL Green stores and chills the kegs directly below the tap, so the beer doesn't have to travel far to the tap. This ensures that every beer is served at the correct temperature. Each keg is also supplied with a new beer line that runs from the keg to the tap. This avoids potential infections that may occur with a conventional line if not cleaned properly. Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 33

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