Rewarding Achievement HEINEKEN PRIZES Past, Present and Future Henry Pierre Heineken, son of the Company's founder, possessed the type of passion and curiosity that has become well established in the Heineken DNA. Around 50 years ago the Heineken Prizes Trust was established in his honour to reward others who share these characteristics. Henry Pierre's granddaughter, and Chair of the Foundation, Charlene de Carvalho talks to World of HEINEKEN about keeping this legacy alive. uriosity was a part of my father's make-up. He was interested in research in clever these people were and had huge admiration for them. The work they do affects everyone and even though they may have been working tirelessly on a project or research for 20 or 30 years we sadly only hear about it once it's completed." many fields," explains Charlene while talking about the origin of the Heineken Prizes. When first established in the 1960s by her father Alfred Heineken, the Dr. H.P. Heineken Prize for Biochemistry Biophysics was a single award, and the subject was not a random choice. "That was my Grandfather's subject. He held a Doctorate in Biochemistry," explains Charlene. Today the Heineken Prizes have grown to include six fields and are amongst the most prestigious international awards in the world after the Nobel Prizes. The Importance of KNAW The winners of the Heineken Prizes are selected every two years by the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences), an organisation over 200 years old, dedicated to advancing science and literature. As well as awarding the Heineken Prizes, the Academy operates a number of research institutes and advises the Dutch Government on scientific matters. "The Academy is instrumental. The Prizes wouldn't happen without them," says Charlene. "There was a personal reason for establishing them," says Charlene. "My father wanted to let the world know that the individual scientists in these fields Right: Charlene de Carvalho is passionate about keeping her family's legacy alive are important and to create a prize that would encourage them to continue their work. He was always amazed by how In addition to the Dr. H.P. Heineken Prize for Biochemistry Biophysics there are now the Dr A.H. Heineken Prizes for World of HEINEKEN Edition 12013

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