Record Breaking - Krusovice Brewery Disco-duo Tiger Woods Pan-European Training Partnership Sales Force Equipped with Tablets GLOBAL NEWS Heineken® is set to continue its worldwide association with music and strengthen the brand's position in India with the Heineken® Green Room. The lastest Heineken® Green Rooms, were held in New Delhi on 30 November, followed by Mumbai and Bangalore on 1 and 2 December respectively. This time, the intimate, 'invite-only' events showcased the enigmatic and elusive disco-duo, Tiger Woods. Well-known for their anonymity and loop-friendly funk-house aesthetic, Tiger Woods fit perfectly with Heineken®'s brand spirit and 'Open Your World' positioning. HEINEKEN Ita.noBari GREEN ROOM PRESENTS TIGER WOODS j u $0 NOV MEW &ELW 1 DEC MUMBAI 2 DEC BANGALORE nis:» iwanurriH KWilUQGH!' JOiH THI F-tSSBE A. <90 nJ-SI'MMH.'-EHra I ■4HMHËEEMJH O/ CZECH REPUBLIC Located in a small village with a population of just 600, the Krusovice Brewery set an all-time visitor record (and broke its own 2007 record) by welcoming more than 45,016 visitors in 2012. Visitors are shown the facilities where the beers are brewed, fermented and packed, as well as the only consecrated chapel to exist in Czech breweries. INDIA EUROPE HEINEKEN and EUHOFA, the international association that unites the world's leading hotel and tourism schools, have entered into a pan- European partnership, which will take a HEINEKEN Netherlands initiative much wider. Starting in Europe, this agreement will see HEINEKEN employees deliver eight modules to hotel and catering students, covering subjects such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, responsible drinking, interior design, financial management and beer image as well as a guided brewery tour. NIGERIA Nigerian Breweries (NB) is equipping its entire sales force with tablets in order to ensure they stay ahead in Nigeria's fast-growing and increasingly competitive market, by providing fast and accurate service. To support this goal, two programmes - Perfect Execution, Africa and Middle East's regional Sales Force Automation tool, and the Global Commerce Sales Execution Excellence (SEE) Programme - have been combined. For NB, Perfect Execution's functionality was extended so that it is now possible to track volume, stock and actual prices in every outlet. The seven modules of SEE support NB in creating routing plans for each sales representative, building steps of each sales visit specific for each channel, developing a matching sales folder, and assisting in setting the right KPIs. Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 25

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