r Desperados Crowdsources Dance Music Miami Mural Project Launched Affligem Blond Wins Gold m sauna svsTEm Affligem Blond has been awarded the Gold Award for 'Belgian Style Ale' at the European Beer Star awards 2012, one of the world's major beer competitions. The independent jury, consisting of more than 100 brewmasters, beer sommeliers and specialised journalists from 25 countries, evaluated the entries on criteria that beer consumers are familiar with: colour, aroma, foam, and flavour. A clear, top-fermented 6.8% ABV abbey beer, Affligem Blond has a fruity, hoppy aroma, somewhat malty character, and a slightly bitter rather than sweet taste. (loyor} Download the finished dance track GLOBAL Desperados has collaborated with German techno-house duo Format: B to create a crowdsourced dance music track. The FIEINEKEN-owned tequila-flavoured beer brand appealed to its 1.3 million Facebook fans to create a track, as part of the global strategy. The event started at 18.00 on 29 November, and lasted for two hours. Format: B suggested various loops, baselines and beats on which fans could vote to use for the track. Fans were able to interact with each other and Format: B on the social network during the session. Through this and similar activations, the brand has achieved a higher consumer engagement rate than all other beer competitors. For 2013, the brand has set itself a target of 31 million interactions with its consumers, with Facebook playing a central role in achieving this. TRAGIC. 1 DAT. DYER 1 MILLION FAAS EUROPE USA Flundreds of guests were on hand to celebrate the official launch of the Fleineken® Mural Project (HM P), one of several satellite events taking place during Art Basel Miami. The FIMP features six world-renowned graffiti artists, several pop-up parties, and a bike tour. The artists - Estria, Chor Boogie, Prime, Don Rimx, and Miami-based Trek6 and CP1 - along with guests, spent the evening tagging up a huge wall, dancing, and enjoying Fleineken®. Find out more about the project 2A World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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