We have no shortage of Global Duty Free ideas. We want to help our customers achieve their business targets too w it One of a number of Heineken® Lounges being introduced in airports to excite and inspire consumers offer," says Ed. "We're currently looking at opportunities innovations can deliver, such as the new Heineken® Fountain Extra Cold, and other brands that are part of our global portfolio. We've got no shortage of ideas, and are happy to work closely with our customers to make sure that they also achieve their own business targets." K amongst consumers. "Our marketing team has recently developed a unique serving ritual for Affligem," explains Ed. "We've used the beer's unique secondary fermentation that occurs in the bottle to our advantage by providing a small separate shot glass for the last part of the bottle containing the sediment. This shot can either be returned to the main glass or drunk separately." The striking serving appearance combined with the perceived health benefits of yeast have increased the awareness of Affligem, especially among specialty beer enthusiasts in the USA who were able to order the serving tray and shot glass online. Ed believes these initiatives are spurring on the OpCo's success. "In the past, we mostly negotiated on price. Now, we are working with our customers on activations to help them sell more. This moves the relationship from one of discounting to one of adding value." As the OpCo enters what Ed describes as the "rationalisation phase", he expects to continue their growth. "We have recently signed with DFDS Ferries, which was historically a Carlsberg stronghold. This was down to the true partnership we Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 23

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