DUTY FREE AND EXPORT Global Duty Free is working together with airlines to develop in-flight activations and special cans to boost sales T he Export Global Duty Free OpCo was established to leverage FIEINEKEN's scale, particularly in the area of distribution, portfolio management and export activities. This enables more efficient best practice sharing from around FIEINEKEN - from the best-in- class marketing and merchandising to consumer insights, and from new and innovative brand extensions to beer category vision. This new OpCo focuses on three distinct business units: Global Duty Free, Western European Export and Nordics Export. The Western Europe Export OpCo operates in markets alongside the local FIEINEKEN OpCos. Ed explains that this enables local OpCos to focus their resources on building key brands in their market. The unit works with independent importers to fill gaps and identify more niche opportunities in the market with other successful brands from the FIEINEKEN portfolio. The Western Europe Export OpCo's approach ensures that this is done as efficiently as possible with the greatest added value for customers. Global Duty Free is working with ferry companies to redesign the presentation of beer in their on-board shops The Nordics Export department was established separately to build strong ties with local breweries and distributors to produce, sell and distribute Fleineken®. Ed describes this as a complex picture: "Working with local breweries, rather than FIEINEKEN, requires a completely different approach. They are both a customer and a brewer with their own products." The Global Duty Free department focuses on key duty-free channels, including ferries, cruise lines, airlines and military bases. These customers all have their own unique requirements. "It's about understanding our customers, the channels they're in and their needs for their end consumers," says Ed. The new OpCo has developed a wide variety of creative initiatives to add value for their customers. Some of these have been created by adapting best practices from across the FiEINEKEN business, and others were developed in-house. Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 21

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