Bintang Indonesian celebrity Ask any Indonesian to name the best known beer brand and the answer will be unanimous: Bir Bintang! Brewed and distributed by PT Multi Bintang Indonesia, Bintang was first brewed in 1929 by the Nederlandsch-Indische Bierbrouwerijen, the first HEINEKEN-owned brewery outside of the Netherlands. Now, as Bintang reaches its 81st year, it is unarguably the market leader in the country's lager beer market, with more than 60% market share. romoting the brand values of 'Friendship' and 'Togetherness', the brand has exceptional appeal within its target market of males aged 21 to 35 with a moderate to upper income. These are people that value relationships with friends, have fun, and hang out together while enjoying beer. With the rise of a new generation of beer drinkers, we can also expect a growth of new consumers seeking the enjoyment of Bintang. Bintang is enjoyed in draught, small bottle (33cl), big bottle (62cl), and can (33cl), and is widely distributed across the archipelago, from Medan to Merauke. The islands may have the sea separating them, but you are guaranteed a bottle of Bintang wherever you visit. The beer's long history not only brought it fame, but also its outstanding quality. In 2011, Bintang won world recognition by becoming the Champion Beer in the bi-annual International Brewing Awards. Bintang is also a frequent winner of Le Monde Selection Gold Medal for quality. In 2012, Bintang broke the one-million hectolitres mark, but its true achievement is in building a close relationship with its consumers through a variety of channels and activities. For years, the brand has been using its 'Bersama Kita Bintang' (Together We are Star) music platform to interact with its fans by bringing friendship, togetherness, music and the joy of Bintang together in music events, large and small, across numerous cities in Indonesia. Bintang is also present in many local and international music and cultural events within Indonesia, such as the Jakarta International Blues Festival, Java Soulnation Festival, Ambon Jazz Plus Festival, and many more. The I Bali campaign is used as a vehicle to communicate with the brand's international consumers, as well as a tribute to Bintang's relationship with one of Indonesia's most famous and loved tourist destinations. The I Bali experience is something worth bringing home for anyone who visits, helping to spread the love of Bintang all over the world. Bintang is also active in the digital world, embracing a wider audience using social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. In 'Rumah Bintang' (House of Bintang), the first virtual hangout place in Indonesia, users can interact, play, party and hangout with their friends online and also win great prizes by demonstrating their friendship and togetherness. K 'Rumah Bintang' (House of Bintang) is the first virtual hangout in Indonesia Bintang participates in many music and cultural events in Indonesia, bringing together friendship, music and joy Edition 1 2013 World of HEIN EKEN 15

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