SP Lager A cold beer is a sold beer' WINNING PORTFOLIOS SP Lager was launched by the South Pacific Brewery (SPB) in 1952. It is Papua New Guinea's original lager beer, and remains a favourite to this day, with 100% brand awareness. SP Lager's international recognition started 45 years ago when it won the 1967 Monde Selection Gold Award. C P Lager is a mainstream lager beer and is affectionately referred to as 'SP' or 'Brownie' (reflecting the squat stubbie bottle) or 'Green Can'. Such is the popularity of the brand that mainstream outlets are heavily branded in the green and yellow brand colours. It is also culturally ingrained. A dowry is often still paid to the bride's parents, and accepted forms of currency include SP Lager! SP Lager targets the 'Trupela Man'; a real identity and leader within the community, a person who likes to unwind, be part of the group and have a good time with friends. Trupela Man is the primary consumer that others aspire to be. The brand recently underwent a packaging evolution to reflect a more contemporary look and ensure the product remains relevant to today's consumers. SP Lager, bottled in an iconic brown stubbie with a yellow and green label, has become a cultural icon in Papua New Guinea To celebrate SP Lager's 60th anniversary, a commemorative label was designed for SP Lager, reflecting the brand's earlier design. The 60th-edition bottle was packed as a special gift pack that included a souvenir glass. SP Lager is a major sponsor of Papua New Guinea's national and provincial rugby league competitions. Recently, the brand sponsored the SP MUSIK BIG NITE OUT festivals, which featured the country's most popular reggae/hip hop artists, along with pool, darts and fishing competitions. Consumers could purchase a 24-pack in the off-trade and received a free SP MUSIK BIG NITE OUT t-shirt, which provided consumers with free entry to the festival and was a huge success - with many consumers also introducing friends to the event. Sales continue to increase, driven by a focus on increasing cold beer availability to all outlets with electricity. They say a 'cold beer is a sold beer', and being close to the equator with a hot climate, this certainly rings true. A major investment in new refrigeration units will be rolled out throughout 2013. SP Lager has recently entered the digital space with Facebook and its own website. A new campaign launched in November 2012 reflects camaraderie in a refreshing aspirational manner. The campaign will be out of home and across all outlets within Papua New Guinea. At the same time, the brand is gearing up for the upcoming rugby league season and a nationally activated consumer promotion. 14 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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