it In 2012 alone, Anchor won 13 awards, including its second World Beer Cup and the gold award in the European Beer Star competition W range of taste experience across different markets and consumer segments. Everyday Moments of Fun Anchor uses only the finest quality ingredients and follows the strict brewing method of the authentic European-German Pilsner tradition. It is this unfaltering belief in upholding international quality standards that has resulted in Anchor becoming the leading choice of beer for everyday moments of fun. With its signature crisp and refreshingly smooth taste, Anchor enhances enjoyment for anyone who appreciates beer. In recognition of its quality, Anchor has received numerous prestigious beer awards including the World Beer Cup, European Beer Star, Australian International Beer Award and many more. In 2012 alone, Anchor won 13 awards including its second World Beer Cup and the gold award in the recent European Beer Star competition. In China and Cambodia, consumers who choose Anchor identify with its combination of timeless heritage, mixed with an exuberant and youthful image. Anchor promotes itself as a catalyst for fun and targets 20 to 30-year-old working men, who believe in working hard and who have an active social life. Anchor consumers tend to be fun-loving, adventurous, and unpretentious. They enjoy being in the company of friends and seek a brand that is not only accessible and affordable but that also validates their choice of lifestyle. Anchor can be enjoyed as a draught beer, in a regular bottle (33cl), a big bottle (64cl) or a can (33cl 50cl) and is widely distributed in both on- and off-premise outlets. Asian Mega Star Anchor kicked off a year-long campaign in 2011 with an unprecedented partnership with Asian mega-star 'Rain' (lung li-Hoon). This multi-talented Korean celebrity is Anchor's brand ambassador, appearing in television commercials, print advertising and other marketing channels. The campaign was part of the brand's commitment to bringing spontaneous fun to consumers. Rain has the ability to connect with fans in Anchor's markets. Music Platform The Anchor Rave Tour (Cambodia) and Anchor Beach Party (China) are key music platforms promoting further consumer engagement and connection with the brand. These platforms bring Anchor closer to the consumer through music events that offer night-long fun activities, music and entertainment. Anchor also sponsors local beach volleyball tournaments in South China and Cambodia. In addition to these platforms, Anchor participates in various cultural events such as the Chinese New Year Festival (China), the Water Festival (Cambodia), the Khmer New Year (Cambodia), and many more. Anchor has recently launched its global website to strengthen its presence in the digital space. This new website will spearhead Anchor's future digital strategy. Visit Anchor beer's new website Anchor Ice is one of the popular variants of the 75-year-old beer Edition 1 2013 World of HEINEKEN 13

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