Anchor Refreshingly smooth beers WINNING PORTFOLIOS Anchor beer was first brewed in 1933, by the Archipelago Brewing Company in the former British colony, Malaya. With firm European- German roots, the brewery became part of Asia Pacific Breweries in 1941. More than 75 years later and Anchor beer is now brewed across Asia Pacific. The brand connects and engages with its consumers through traditional advertising campaigns, digital and social media platforms, and sponsored events, all of which maintain the energetic, aspirational and dynamic essence of the brand. Sponsored events include Tiger Street Football and Tiger Translate, a cross- cultural creative platform that highlights Asia's brightest creative talent, and facilitates collaboration with Western visionaries through a series of events and exhibitions. Launched in 2011, Tiger Street Football (TSF) is an electrifying, high-speed platform for players to showcase their distinctive style and talent while providing power-packed on- and off- pitch entertainment for spectators. Approximately 1,500 teams participated in 2012's adrenaline-filled competition. An integrated ad campaign for the event was launched across TV, print, experiential events and digital platforms. The buzz the campaign created around the event was clearly reflected in the increased number of entrants for 2012's competition. The campaign's digital component was also well received, and resulted in an exponential boost in Tiger's Vietnam Facebookfan base. New Campaigns "We are currently refining the proposition of the brand, and a string of new advertising commercials have recently been launched to bring this to life," says Edmond. "Now that we are part of FIEINEKEN, we intend to bring other markets on board and have one common essence - Asian Energy - so that Tiger's global positioning is the same in each market. Of course, it shall be tweaked so that it's relevant to how each particular market views Asia, but in essence it's the same. "We are also about to launch a major new social media campaign at the beginning of 2013 that will keep Tiger socially connected with its consumers via key platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, in much the same way as the Fleineken® brand is doing now," Edmond adds. "Remaining connected and relevant to our market is one of our key short-term challenges, and that's where social media comes into play and becomes very important." Huge Opportunities Following the recent acquisition by FIEINEKEN, Edmond sees huge opportunity. "Being a FIEINEKEN brand means that many FIEINEKEN markets are now open to us, and these markets will be willing to consider Tiger because we are part of FIEINEKEN. It gives the brand the opportunity to further expand our global footprint." -*'V *ii nchor aims to become the leading mainstream beer brand in Cambodia, and maintain its market leadership in China's southernmost province, Flainan. Cambodia and Flainan are Anchor's two core markets, but the beer also plays a key role in supporting premium brands - Fleineken® and Tiger - in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Anchor has four key variants; Anchor Smooth, Anchor Ice, Anchor Lite and Anchor Strong. These appeal to a broad 12 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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