u The acceleration of Heineken® brand volume under the APB umbrella has been breathtaking W WINNING PORTFOLIOS offering local consumers an alternative credible choice, supported by innovative marketing, we have gained nearly 15% market share." Asia's Men of the World "As elsewhere, Heineken®'s target consumer in Asia wants to be a 'Man of the World'", explains Laurent. "Our consumers are affluent consumers living in Asia's mega cities - Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh, Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur - they are connected to the world, and they want to get on in life." In order to connect with its target consumer and become an iconic brand, Heineken® has to have a strong, high- profile presence in the high-end on-trade venues of Asia's key cities. "Trendsetters are our brand ambassadors," he says. "This means we have to be available and inspiring in the iconic places they visit. One way we are doing this is via our 'Design for the Night' programme: we identify these key outlets and make sure that Heineken® is the brand available." A recent example is the implementation of Heineken® in the highest rooftop bar in the world: on the 65th floor of a high-rise, overlooking the vibrant city of Singapore. and social media. As Laurent explains: "Asian consumers are increasingly using global social media. Heineken® needs to be part of their conversation. This is also true in China where we focus on the local social media landscape." With a significant budget across Asia Pacfic, our through-the-line activation of the latest Bond movie Skyfall has been leveraged in all APB's markets. "We use a variety of touchpoints: media, packaging, PR and digital. In addition, we've added local topspin in Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh and Bangkok through Heineken®'s 'Crack the Case' activation." up to New Year's Eve 2012. "The theme of the event was 'celebrate Heineken®'s 140th anniversary'. More than one million consumers attended and the event was also broadcast nationwide, making it the biggest music event ever organised in Asia." On the agenda for 2013 is the introduction of the iconic K2 bottle across all of APB's markets to ensure one unified look and feel of the brand in the region. Moreover, there are plans to transform a 65-storey building into an animated K2 bottle in Ho Chi Minh, which will drive national - and international - media coverage. Laurent says that a key challenge now for the brand is to regain momentum in markets such as Vietnam and Taiwan following a challenging 2012, and to sustain the growth volume and equity in China where the brand is booming. In his view, the recent acquisition of APB will certainly offer additional potential for the brand: "Going forward, we will experience a mind-set shift at APB, as the 'brand owner' and 'shareholder' relationships will be replaced by a common feeling of ownership and responsibility. We will now be talking about 'our portfolio', 'our brand' and 'us', and there will be greater opportunities for the entire new portfolio to extend its footprint." Making Connections The brand is also connecting with its consumers via global advertising campaigns, sponsored events, and digital In Vietnam, a huge three-day music event, called The Heineken® Countdown Party, was organised on the main streets of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi in the lead- Heineken® has a high-profile presence in high-end, on-trade venues in Asia's key cities 10 World of HEINEKEN Edition 1 2013

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