Part of the industry Sheltering Fans from Fickle Weather Escenario Verde is FIB Heineken's main stage World of Heineken 40 summer 2009 SPAIN: The Festival Internacional de Benicassim Fleineken, or FIB Fleineken, as the Spanish festival is known, drew over 160,000 visitors last summer. The visitors drank 200,000 litres of Heineken® during the four days the festival lasted, while enjoying indie-style artists. This year The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and Kings of Leon will be amongst the festival's headlining acts. Heineken Spain is also the main sponsor of Heineken Jazzaldia, the oldest urban music festival in Spain, which has been bringing the likes of Miles Davis, Joe Cocker, Van Morrison and Ella Fitzgerald to the beaches of San Sebastian since 1965. In Spain as elsewhere, Heineken picks its festival partners with care. "We try to support events that people who know their music enjoy," says Gonzalo. "We support the better- known non-mainstream bands, rather than fringe or very underground stuff. I guess you could say that international indie is a good match for Heineken®." Heineken has been title sponsor of both the FIB Heineken and Heineken Jazzaldia festivals since 2000 as part of its music strategy. "We try to be more than a sponsor though," says Gonzalo. Heineken likes to be active at the festivals in a way that fans can appreciate. Mainly this involves close attention to the details. "Things can get pretty packed at the Escenario Verde [Green Stage], which is where the headlining acts perform," says Gonzalo, "so really good bar service is essential." At both festivals, Heineken sets up seaside 'Green-TV' video displays, so people on the beach can enjoy the acts as well. A free bus service running between the FIB Heineken festival and the town of Benicassim ensures that fans can enjoy Heineken® responsibly. Heineken also helps to get the word out about both festivals, says Gonzalo. "We run ads in music and lifestyle magazines, and we do promotions at retail and on trade outlets. We even have a sponsored programme on TV devoted to our music sponsorships. This is because we really want to see both festivals grow." Heineken's large communication resources offer something to the festivals that other sponsors can't, Gonzalo explains. "Heineken's relationship with the festivals is almost a decade old now, and the Spanish music world is starting to value us as a solid partner," he says. "Now they see us as a valuable part of the local festival industry." IRELAND: In Ireland, Heineken is the title sponsor of Oxegen, one of Europe's largest music festivals. This festival is held just a short drive from Dublin. Last year's edition, the fourth in the series so far, featured a stellar range of great artists including the Chemical Brothers, Amy Winehouse and REM. Oxegen also features up-and-coming artists and acts like MGMT and Vampire Weekend, who are now hit radio staples but played to small but clued-up crowds in 2008, only months away from their big breakthroughs. This eclectic line-up, which caters to all tastes, is what makes Oxegen unique. Here as in Spain, Heineken rolls in teams of draught-technicians before the festival kicks off to ensure that fans get the best quality pint of Heineken®. Of course, a cold glass of beer isn't the only creature comfort festival-goers enjoy at Oxegen. Last year, Heineken made the whole experience even more enjoyable by introducing the Greenspace venue. "Heineken Greenspace allowed music fans to relax and enjoy their festival experience without having to miss out on any of the action," says David Moore, Sponsorship Brand Manager for Heineken Ireland. The Greenspace itself is a large tent with a large Heineken bar and a number of videos displaying the action on one of the festival's main stages. "We have everything you could possibly want in this Heineken area," says David. Aside from a plentiful supply of Heineken®, the Greenspace features a seating area - quite a rare commodity at festivals. It also offers shelter from the Irish weather, which can be unpredictable. Fans are able to enjoy interviews with their favourite bands while lounging in cosy chairs and enjoying a beer during the quieter hours of the festival"It was a refreshing break from the excitement at Oxegen 2008," is how Steve Murray, one of last year's visitors, remembers it. The Heineken Green Synergy Final in Jamaica, October 2008 10

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