Athenian Brewery's Amstel wins Greek sustainability award Hungary embraces Soproni commercial NEWS World of Heineken 40 - summer 2009 Athenian Brewery's brand Amstel has won a major corporate social responsibility prize in Athens for its commitment to tackling social and environmental issues during times of crisis. The prize was awarded in Athens on April 29 during the business conference titled 'Business Excellence Under Crisis', organised by Greece's prominent financial newspapers Kerdos and the Marketing and Business Review. "We are very happy with this award as it reflects our commitment to sustainable development and social contribution," says Minas Mavrikakis, Athenian Brewery's Communication and Corporate Affairs Director. Hungarians have enthusiastically embraced Soproni's ad, 'Hungary, I love you the way you are!' Since its launch in February this year it has had over half a million hits on Voutube, and received wide coverage in Hungarian print and broadcast media. Athenian Brewery is committed to reducing the company's environmental footprint and improving its energy performance. Its efforts include the use of gas, recycling 99 per cent of its total waste, and the activation of the Amstel Eco environmental campaign to clean up beaches throughout Greece in the summer. Athenian Brewery Communications and Corporate Affairs Director Minas Mavrikakis (Ft) poses with the award, accompanied by Evagelos Kaiousis, President of the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries. The ad, in which a young man speaks about what the nation can be proud of and what it means to be Hungarian, was an instant success. SlagerRadió, one of Hungary's biggest music broadcasters, has adapted the ad's text for its own programming. Meanwhile dozens of articles on the commercial appeared in major Hungarian news publications. Miklós Hagyó, the deputy mayor of Budapest, has since created his own image campaign video based on the commercial. Denes Szaraz, the actor who plays the main character in the ad, is now famous in Hungary and has appeared on television shows and in magazines. 2

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