Buimers plants new orchards Annual results presented Heineken sets new sales record December 2008 and onward Herefordshire, England February 18, 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands December 31, 2008 Brazil Buimers Cider will plant the first of 400,000 apple trees it will propagate over the course of the next three years this December. More than 60 local farmers are seeking 25-year contracts with Buimers to maintain the new apple orchards that the brewer needs to supply the growing demand for cider. The apple varieties that Buimers uses, such as the Hastings and Amanda, are the result of two decades of research. Buimers has a long history in the Herefordshire region, which is particularly suitable for growing apples due to its climate and rich topsoil. Some of the farmers in the region have been working with Buimers for four generations. Another fiscal year will go down in the books as Heineken presents its annual results for 2008 to press, analysts and the public. The presentation will take place at the Heineken Experience in the Koelschip where the beer used to be cooled, on the 6th floor. Heineken first published its year results in 1939, shortly after its initial public stock offering, making this the 69th time that Heineken accounts to its shareholders. www.heinekeninternational.com With mere weeks left this year Heineken is poised to report record annual sales in the Latin American nation of Brazil. The brand has benefited greatly from a premium repositioning three years ago, and sales have been skyrocketing ever since. When this magazine went to press, sales had already surpassed last year's, reaching their highest level since 1990. The turnaround for the brand came in 2006 when Heineken introduced premium marketing and a 60cl bottle, a more familiar form of packaging for Brazilians. "Brazilians like extremely light beers, so full-flavoured Heineken occupies a niche market here," says Herbert Gris, Marketing Manager for International brands in Femsa Cerveja Brasil, Heineken's local operation. "Still, the sheer size of the Brazilian market and the fast development of the premium segment means that we can grow even more." Herbert.Gris@femsa.com.br

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