"Heineken and Bond are a natural match: stylish, classy and internationally recognised." crew had to rebuild the actual bar as it can be seen in Quantum of Solace. "There were quite a number of difficult scenes in the commercial as it was all quite complex - from matching existing footage to the stuff we shot, to creating outlandish apartment sets on miniature scale - all of them made us work for our living," says Keith. ENTER THE WORLD OF BOND The ad ends with the campaign pay-off: "Enter the World of Bond." The main message behind the campaign Christopher explains: "Heineken provides access to this aspirational world: the World of Bond." Heineken's main campaign tool is its direct association with the primary features of the World of Bond: actor Daniel Craig and leading lady Olga Kurylenko. Consumer research shows that Heineken® belongs and is associated with Bond's world. In the ad, Olga chooses our hero over 007 to enjoy a Heineken with. As Olga herself puts it: "Movies make us dream. That is why we make them." The commercial is currently being broadcast on TV in more than 20 countries, from China to Chile. It is also available through the Internet and can be seen at movie theatres in several countries also. World of Heineken 39 winter 2008/2009 The "secret lair" setup is actually a 1:8 scale representation of the real thing, meticulously designed by specialist modellers. The actor moving through it was cut into the set in postproduction, meaning he had to do most of his acting in front of a blue screen. "Our lead actor was often reacting to stuff that did not exist in reality. Sometimes, he would be responding to bits of blue screen or crosses drawn on sticks as temporary sight-lines," says Keith. making it was quite the opposite, says the commercial's director, Keith English. Firstly, Keith and his crew had to transform an ordinary supermarket into an action- packed Bond set. The change is immediately apparent from the moment the lead-actor picks up his Heineken® six-pack and strolls down the aisle. The secret: Bondesque music, different body language on the part of the actor and a bluish shade of light. "Changing the lighting took almost a whole day, but the transformation was really quite startling," Keith recalls. For the final scene of the ad, our hero slides up to the bar where the leading lady Camille is waiting for him Christopher.Carroll@Heineken.com with two bottles of Heineken®. For these shots the 57

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