"Enter the world of Bond," is the main message behind the global campaign. World of Heineken 39 winter 2008/2009 The release of Quantum of Solace earlier this month, marked the 22nd edition of the James Bond franchise, which has grossed more than $4 billion at the box office in its 46-year history. Unsurprisingly, most people have at least a passing familiarity with the character that sprouted from Fleming's imagination so long ago. It is estimated half the people in the world have seen at least one James Bond movie. Research has shown that the 007-logo is one of the most recognised symbols in the world, just behind the Olympic rings and the UN-logo. HEINEKEN AND BOND: OLD FRIENDS Heineken® has been an integral part of Bond history for more than a decade now, with Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) being the first Bond movie sponsored by the global beer brand. EON, the family-run production business owned by the Broccoli family, whose name has been intrinsically linked with the James Bond movies from the very beginning, approached Heineken shortly before the 18th Bond movie went into production. "Heineken and the World of Bond are a credible partnership," says Christopher Carroll of Heineken International. "Both brands are internationally desired and promote shared themes of premiumness, style and being clever." Much like the Bond franchise itself, the partnership has since evolved into a worldwide marketing platform, says Christopher. "When it comes to assisting the brand driving sales and brand preference on a global scale, within the world of film Bond has few equals." The Quantum of Solace campaign, which kicked off more than a month ago, is looking to have the most impact of all the Bond-Heineken team-ups so far. Heineken plans to roll-out Bond promotions in an estimated 50 countries, across all available media. MAKING AN AD BEFIT A BOND MOVIE The centrepiece of the new campaign is a 45-second commercial which will be screened worldwide in movie theatres, through the internet and on television. The plot: Our hero, a stylish 28 year-old minding his own business, goes into the supermarket to purchase his favourite beer. When he picks up a promotional pack of Heineken®, he slowly enters the World of Bond. The cashiers at the checkout change into Bond girls. Coming back from the supermarket, our hero's house transforms from a white picket fence home into a Bond-villain style lair. (True fans will instantly recognise a tribute to Dr. No's shark infested digs.) Finally, as our hero moves deeper into the den, he stumbles into a key scene from Quantum of Solace. The party with James Bond is underway, and Camille (the latest leading lady, played by Olga Kurylenko) is beckoning...for a beer - a Heineken®! The transition, from a supermarket in a Dutch suburb to the Bond movie footage shot in the Central American nation of Panama, is flawless. But while this might seem effortless on screen, the reality of 56

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