Striving for the best in draught beer quality Over the past few years, Heineken has repeatedly come up with original and creative solutions to better serve the draught beer market. Now, Heineken is putting even greater focus on draught beer by concentrating on the development of commercial strategy that targets beer quality improvement at the point of consumption. Heineken Beer Systems World of Heirteken 39 - winter 2008/2009 "The focus on draught beer is twofold," says Heineken's On-Premise Business Manager Doron Wijnschenk. "We want to secure the best quality draught beer served at the point of sale, and we want to generate more opportunities for both Heineken and its customers. To do this, we have to create greater consistency across those locations that offer our beers on tap, and we have to constantly ask ourselves 'what does quality mean at the point of consumption and how can we ensure drinkers experience a consistently high-quality draught beer'?" Working with Heineken's Channel Development Manager for Western Europe, John Ricketts, Wijnschenk began studying lower-volume outlets to see where improvements could be made. "We discovered that some of the key problems arose out of the complexity of cleaning systems and throughput rates within the low-volume segment 32

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