Heineken.com enters new digital era LtAuUt I TRENDS INNOVATIONS In tandem with the continued development in digital technology and the new streamlined visual identity for the Heineken® brand, Heineken has revamped its global website and aims to have a more consistent look across its country sites worldwide. ït '"^3 World ofHeineken 41 winter 2009 SUfFA (HAMPKHff LEAGUE ÏZ ENJOY RESPONSIBLY HEINEKEN EXPERIENCE we areHEOTmIEN Heineken P - ZZ«r DISCLAIMER COMPANY INFORMATION SHARE SELECT COUNTRY "The new streamlined visual identity for the Heineken brand will be seen in all our communication platforms," say Cyril Charzat, Global Marketing Manager Heineken. Manager Global Heineken Digital Media Floris Cobelens says, "Digital media has become increasingly important in the past few years. It is critical that our premium quality Heineken brand image is clearly communicated on the web." Floris points out that digital media is playing a progressively bigger role in marketing and advertising. "For example, businesses in the UK this year have spent more money on web advertising than on television ads." Since September 2009, Heineken's global website has shown off a new look which is sophisticated, streamlined and highly interactive. International Heineken activities are featured prominently on the site, starting with Heineken's sponsorship of the UEFA Champions League soccer games, which include digital competitions and prizes. "This first content phase will be followed with more brand-related features, and then some specific activation areas like music or packaging," Floris says. GLOBAL LOOK WITH LOCAL COLOUR Heineken aims to develop and implement a consistent, state-of-the art global Web presence, which can be customised locally. In the past, Floris explains, there has been too little consistency in the look, feel and content of the Heineken sites in different countries. "There are definitely good web campaigns carried out in some countries, but until now they have been incidental and lacking an overall structure. This will change within the coming year." While it is important that Heineken sites in each country may get flexibility in language, pictures and other activations, it is also crucial that all the sites convey a consistent look. "Central content management system will guarantee that our sites worldwide have similar visualisation, navigation, and technological tools. Meanwhile, each country will be free to develop their own content, as long as it fits in our overall digital rules and guidelines," Floris says. UK, Ireland and Hungary are currently part of a digital pilot project working towards the above goals. Starting from 2010, other countries will gradually be added to the platform. There are also efforts to have a more active exchange of ideas and campaigns among Heineken's digital experts from different countries. SOCIAL MEDIA An important part of Heineken's digital development is its increased participation in social digital media tools. "We focus on social platforms with a global reach such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter." "The digital world is moving quickly, creating new opportunities for our brand. We are embracing a new way of interacting with our consumers," Floris concludes. www.heineken.com Helnekerf ™K!N UEFA (HAMPKWf 1EAGUE CHAMPIONS PLAY STAR MATCH m hh MM mmm Ploy Slor Experience ML M I STAR EXPERIENCE Gel doter to (he gome S* HEINEKEN SUCL I See out portnerihip m «"or Heineken DISCLAIMER COMPANY INFORMATION SHARE SELECT COUNTRY 36

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