David XL: stronger and more versatile Heineken introduced the bigger and more versatile David XL in five European countries late last year. David XL is a new proposition in the David family, Heineken's innovative draught dispense system, which was first introduced a few years ago. World of Heineken 41 winter 2009 David XL is the latest addition to Heineken's successful line of draught dispensing systems. David XL's distinguishing features include bigger cooling and storage capacity, with space for four twenty-litre kegs, making it suitable for on trade establishments with annual beer sales of up to 70 hectolitres. Globally, this segment represents up to 85% of the total on trade market. "David XL's bigger capacity is more profitable for our customers," says Michiel. "Quite simply, it doubles their selling capacity and offers them the option to have a premium or specialty brand on tap next to a mainstream brand." COOL FEATURES David XL's cooling capability can operate in surrounding temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius, and 75 per cent humidity "Development of the new David XL was based on input from our colleagues in the main draught beer markets, as well as feedback from on trade customers," says Heineken Innovation Beer Systems Commercial Manager Michiel Verhagen. "The new design offers improved capacity and a number of user-friendly features that makes David XL suitable for a larger segment of the on-trade market." THE NEXT LEVEL Heineken's David system offers a number of key advantages over its traditional counterparts and was an instant hit when it was first introduced in 2002. David guarantees fresh beer for a minimum of 30 days, and ensures that the beer is cooled all the way from the 20-litre keg to the dispense tap. Besides this, there are no cleaning costs and empty kegs can be easily replaced. level. It also has other options, such as a cold- water tap and the ability to cool wine. But the most important feature for on trade outlets will be the ability to combine a regular tap and an Extra Cold one, giving them the additional advantage of the visual impact of a frozen column. This feature will significantly expand the presence of Heineken's successful Extra Cold beer in establishments with sales volume below 70 hectolitres, says Michiel. It will also make it possible to expand Extra Cold options to local brands. Last year's launch of David XL saw 200 David XLs being rolled out in five key Heineken markets: France, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland and Portugal. Further roll out in other countries is planned for this year. michiel.verhagen@heineken.com 33

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