World of Heineken 41 - winter 2009 ineken House for members of the Dutch royal family and government should they pay a visit, a business lounge for partners and suppliers of N0C*NSF and facilities for Dutch and international media. Sports fans will also be able to follow the progress of their sporting heroes live on dozens of large screens throughout the Holland Heineken House, which will be open daily during the Games from 09:00 until late. "We will also supply a daily newspaper, the Daily Dutch, which will be compiled by a team often students and two lecturers from Utrecht School of Journalism," says Norbert Cappetti, Public Relations Manager for the Holland Heineken House. ORGANISING FOR FUN During the Winter Games 2010, Holland Heineken House will be hosted close to the Olympic Skating Oval in the City of Richmond, near Vancouver, one of the Games' three sites. Most of the Dutch athletes at the 2010 Winter Games will be competing in speed skating events, so the Richmond location is perfect for Holland Heineken House, says Pascal Stolk. "We want to be close to the Richmond Oval, so the fans will have just a few minutes' walk there." More than 50,000 visitors are expected in Vancouver in 2010. Some 17 winter sports feature on the programme, with around 5,500 athletes and sports officials from all over the world expected to participate. Around three billion people worldwide are expected to watch the event on television. And more than 10,000 accredited media representatives will cover the sport news globally. Organising the Holland Heineken House is a considerable challenge. The team began scouting fora location in the autumn of 2008. The project team began work in January 2009 with facility planning, government regulations, staffing, housing, distribution and logistics. Work on setting up the Holland Heineken House will start three weeks before the Games begin. A crew of 300 people, most of them Dutch, and some Canadian, including more than 170 volunteer crew members, will operate the facility. RESPONSIBLE ENJOYMENT The Enjoy Heineken Responsibly message will again play a prominent role in the event. The welcoming text by the Erica Terpstra President of the NOC*NSF will specifically refer to the message. "Access to the facility for people under legal drinking age will be restricted. They can enter only if accompanied by an adult and only until 7:00pm. And we will use bracelets to clearly identify underage visitors," says Norbert Cappetti. "In addition, all screens at the venue will regularly broadcast Enjoy Heineken Responsibly messages. We will use the Enjoy Heineken Responsibly logo in the Daily Dutch, as well as on menus, and on bar signs. Finally, the Holland Heineken House crew will be trained in the Heineken alcohol policy, including a role play based on Heineken's 'Know the Signs' campaign." The 2010 event is set to become another memorable occasion. "The Dutchies consistently throw the best party at the Olympics," lain Davidson, a 23-year-old Australian visitor to the Beijing Olympics told the Washington Post. And it's always loads of fun for the 300 or so people on the Heineken crew too. "It's like being at a huge UEFA Champions League final that goes on for three weeks," says Joris Renskens, 29, a Holland Heineken House crew member in Beijing. "It's an experience you never forget." 27

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