Flying Dutchman: brewing specialist brews at special brewery World ofHeineken 40 - summer 2009 Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh brewed a specialty beer to lucky consumers attending this year's edition of the annual JD Wetherspoon International Real Ale Festival, which ran at Wetherspoon bars across the UK in early May. The Edinburgh-brewed specialty ale was a 4.5% ABV Wit Bier aptly named 'Flying Dutchman'. It was crafted by Flenk Oexman, Innovation and Speciality Brewer from Heineken in the Netherlands and Caledonian's Brewing Manager, Ian Kennedy. The idea for the special beer arose when Caledonian was asked by East West Ales, sole supplier of the festival and long standing customer of the brewery, to offer their facilities to a foreign brewer to create a guest ale for the Wetherspoon festival. More than 50 cask ales were showcased at the festival. These included one of Caledonian's other brews, Raspberry Fool, their spring fruit beer, John Smiths Fleritage Beer, and Theakstons Cooper Butt. Caledonian Brewery's Operations Manager Craig Steven knew immediately who to bring on board - Fleineken, the brewery's parent company through its ownership of Scottish Newcastle. "It only took one phone call to Rob Richardson, Flead of S&N UK Brewery Operations, to get Fleineken on board and fly Flenk over to Edinburgh," says Craig. After a short meeting between the two master brewers, the collaboration was confirmed and a unique recipe was created. "I was delighted when the Caledonian Brewery asked me to join them in such an exciting challenge," says Flenk. "I've been brewing lager for Fleineken for the last 30 years. This was the first time I brewed an ale. It was also the first time I'd ever seen, let alone worked in, a traditional British brew house." Henk (left) and Ion in the Caledonian Brewery in Edinburgh Brewed with pale and wheat malt to create a light-bodied spring ale, this beer's refreshing characteristic is enhanced by the addition of coriander and orange peel for spicy bite, coupled with a subtle sweetness from its 'secret' ingredient, liquorice. "Creating Flying Dutchman was a great chance for us to showcase a genuinely new beer," says Henk. "We offered consumers a unique experience that they enjoyed tasting as much as we enjoyed inventing it. Fingers crossed I'll be invited back!" "We were delighted to welcome Henk to the brewery to work on the new beer," says Ian. "We had a very productive initial meeting where we pooled our brewing knowledge to create a beer that would have the right hop and malt characteristics to complement the coriander, orange peel and liquorice. We had never produced a beer with this amount of wheat malt or used herbs before so it was a great learning experience for us. It was something very different that we could do in the brewery. Henk got on famously with the operators on shift too. We would welcome him back any time for further collaborations or just to pop in for a pint!" Lies Eeckman, the brewery's Marketing Manager, explains how different beers within the range appeal to different connoisseurs. "In Belgium we have quite a wide spectrum of drinkers. The original range, composed of Kriek and Geuze, appeals to more mature drinkers, who value the authentic taste and flavour. The Xtreme range, however, is very popular among females in their 20s and 30s, who respond to the sweeter, fruitier flavour. Internationally, Geuze and the Kriek remain our most popular beers. They're typically drunk by the real beer connoisseur, who understands the Iambic beer making process and is looking for an original taste proposition." THE HEINEKEN PORTFOLIO Choosing the perfect beer is a difficult decision for the beer connoisseur. It's probably fair to say that the perfect specialist beer doesn't exist, because there are so many different styles, and so many top- quality contenders. But diversity is indeed the spice of life. One thing's for sure: with the hundreds of beers available in the Heineken portfolio, from international classics to handcrafted speciality beers, beer connoisseurs everywhere are spoiled for choice. U/fo iTLA c1* xvn rcm i itt e*1* 43

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