Experiencing the Heineken Experience TRENDS INNOVATIONS The new, improved Heineken Experience in Amsterdam reopened its doors late last year after extensive renovations. The facility has since received some 170,000 visitors from around the globe. World ofHeineken 40 - summer 2009 Hans Maris Heineken Experience gives visitors a look into the brewer's rich history, as well as some of its present activities. It is housed in the famous large brick building on Amsterdam's Stadhouderskade where Gerard Adriaan Heineken first brewed his beer a century ago. The renovations have resulted in a more sleek, spacious and high-tech experience for visitors. "We want our passion for quality to resonate throughout the whole Experience," says Heineken Experience Director Hans Maris. One thing, however, has remained the same since the old brewery was turned into a visitors' centre in 1989: "It's our employees' enthusiasm that makes the Experience," says Hans. World of Heineken spoke to members of staff and visitors to the Experience. Jaap Kater, supervisor Staff member since autumn 2002 "The biggest difference after the renovation is that Heineken Experience looks and feels more high-tech, with the new graphics, films and décor. It's more in tune with the 21st century. The new Heineken Experience is also bigger. For example, before the renovation there was only one 'Brew-you' ride, and now there are three. The diversity of the people I meet everyday is the best part of my job. No day is ever the same. Heineken is a wonderful, premium product. Everyone is proud to work here, and that's reflected in our enthusiastic team. And we want to convey that feeling to the people who come and visit us." Roel Worp, staff member staff member since October 2008 "The most fun part of my work is the interaction with visitors and colleagues. My working day is very diverse: at the brew station, at the bar, at the ticket counter. I love to talk and present things, and it's nice to see that I get positive feedback from customers. Almost everyday we experience something new and fun. We want people to take good memories of the Heineken Experience with them!" Maarthe Hoogland, university student Flex worker since November 2008 "I like the contact with international visitors. I also like the fact that we have a certain amount of independence at the different stations. You're putting on a good show, and can contribute your own creativity in your work. I'm learning a lot. For instance, I'm learning to be patient, and to remain calm when things get hectic. It is also physically quite challenging at times, since you have to be on your feet for hours at a stretch. The best thing about this job is that it combines a relaxed, friendly working atmosphere with tight discipline. Being punctual, for example, is very important here." Visitors to the Experience were overwhelming positive. Dinah Rajan, consultant Sydney, Australia Did you plan ahead to visit the Heineken Experience? "Not really. There was a poster about it in our hotel, so we thought we'd go here." What did you like best? "It was interesting to see the marketing strategies throughout the ages, and to see how it has developed: the label, the bottles." Was there anything that surprised you? "It was fun to see the process of making beer, although I had thought that beer was actually brewed on these premises. I didn't know beer only had four ingredients! Would you recommend a visit to others? "I would certainly recommend it to visitors to Amsterdam. When you think of Amsterdam, you think of Van Gogh and Heineken!" Jorge Rigabert, web designer Zaragoza, Spain Did you plan ahead to visit the Heineken Experience? "Yes, we heard about it before we came here." What did you like best? "The beer! And also the 'Brew-you' ride." Was there anything that surprised you? "It is very interesting to see the evolution of 32

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