the growth of Buckler to various factors: "NA beers represent a growing segment in the United States. The product is being given better marketing support. We have achieved almost coast-to-coast distribution for Buckler and consumers appreciate the product's taste." Murphy's Irish Stout is also making good headway in the United States. The stout segment is growing and the American consumer is in creasingly interested in the quality brew from Cork, Southern Ireland. Indeed, consumer appreciation for Murphy's Irish Stout is also growing in other parts of the world, for example in the Middle East, and also in Australia, where sales of Murphy's have climbed to respectable levels without any substantial marketing support. and other European brands in a more disadvantageous position compared to Mexican and Canadian beers. In contrast to European brewers, breweries in Mexico and Canada will no longer have to pay import duties under the NAFTA agreement. How ever, Frans van der Minne says that we should not overstate this problem. "In my estimation the impact on sales will be negligible." Buckler One striking trend is the growth in sales of Buckler in the United States. Until recently non-alcohol (NA) beers had not been able to gain a solid foothold in the States. American consumers were not attracted to alco hol-free beer, since they perceived the light beers as offering the same benefits as alcohol-free beer. Meanwhile that situation has changed. Mr Van der Minne ascribes

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