Major sponsoring event for Amstel %rlL6^" UEFA Champions League CHAMPIONS 42 UEFA LEAGUE Watched by more than two billion people. That was the size of the interest shown in the '93/'94 season for the UEFA Champions League, Europe's most prestigious soccer tournament. The national league champions of all European countries com pete to see which is Europe's best club team. As from this season Amstel is Official Partner of this mega-event for three years. The sponsorship contract that Amstel concluded with the European Football Union UEFA contains two important elements: Amstel advertising boards around the field during each match in the UEFA Champions League and the broadcast sponsorship, which means that Aunstel's name as sponsor is men tioned during the preliminary announcement and during the sign- off of each TV broadcast. Not all matches will display Amstel advertising hoardings. During the home matches of the French national champion Buckler boards will be installed around the pitch. This is due to the French Loi Evin, which has imposed strict limitations on advertising and sponsoring activi ties for alcoholic beverages. The television coverage of the matches played by the Irish champion club will be preceded by an announ cement that the programme is spon sored by Murphy's Irish Stout. In Spain the Amstel boards will make way for Aguila signage. Amstel boards will be on display in all the other countries which compete for the UEFA Champions League, i.e. also in countries where Amstel is not (yet) on the market. Impact International Brand Manager Amstel Gary den Hertog and International Sponsorship Manager Chris Woerts are very enthusiastic about this sponsorship. And no won der: in total, it involves eleven match days, 61 games and 610 hours of tele vision coverage. "The impact is expected to be very high. Last sea son's viewing figures give an indica tion of that, as the UEFA Champions League match played in Spain between Barcelona and the Turkish team of Galatasaray attracted 14% of all viewers, which is very high com pared to other big sports events. Looking at Europe in general, it seems that the average viewing densi ty for these matches in Europe will amount to as much as 18%", explains Chris Woerts. Most viewed However, it is not only the Europeans who get excited about a soccer match. The UEFA Champions League is broadcast in full or in part in 58 countries outside of Europe. In Asia the League has proved highly popular. These matches are the most viewed sports programme on TV in Asia. Particularly in Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia the UEFA Champions league is a winner and well liked by viewers. The Champions League was set up two years ago to bring more life into the contest for the Europe Cup 1. Previously, the national champion clubs competed for a place in the finals via the knock-out system. As from the '94/'95 season sixteen teams will be left over after the preliminary round and will then be placed in four groups in which they will compete for first place. The winners of each group will then play each other in the semi finals. WORLD OF H E I N E K E N

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