Cricket tickets Heineken Schweiz sets up own sales force Heineken agent Burrows Lightbourn on Bermuda used a recent promotion as a tie-in with the great popularity of cricket in the Caribbean. The Heineken Test Match Competition invited consumers to answer seven questions about cricket and about Heineken. The win ner received all-inclusive tickets for a trip to Barbados to attend the test match between England and the West Indies. Louise Bawlins was pre sented with the first prize by Richard Hartley, Managing Director of Burrows Lightbourn (second from right on the photo). Mrs Rawlins dona ted to prize to Randall Woolridge, pictured ex treme left. On the extreme right is Jens Maitland, of the Burrows Lightbourn marketing department. 37 Since 1 January 1994 Heineken Schweiz AG has had its own sales force for part of the Swiss market. The first six months of this year have confirmed the success of the new organi sation: the high sales target of plus 30% was achieved! In 1977 Heineken open ed a sales office in Switzerland. Distribution and sales of Heineken Beer were handled by various sales partners. Over a period of many years this concept was an ideal situ ation for Heineken. But, as regards the area of the country with the highest population density (the big cities of Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Zürich) this working method was found to be less than optimal. According to estimates by Heineken Schweiz the growth potential of this region was higher than the figures showed. The decision was taken in the summer of 1993: Heineken Schweiz would set up its own sales force which was to be operation al as from 1 January 1994. In the space of six months, therefore, a catalogue of both on and off premise outlets in the region had to be compiled. On the basis of that survey a team of eleven sales people was recruited. The distribution of Heineken has been con tracted out to an indepen dent transport company. This company supplies the wholesale drink merchants who deliver to the on pre The new sales force of Heineken Schweiz is recording good results in the densely populated area around the cities of Ziirich, Bern, Lucerne and Basel. mise trade and the distribu tion centres of the super market chains. The development of sales gives the management of Heineken Schweiz AG good hopes for the future of Heineken in this region. The increase in fact stems not only from higher sales to existing customers but also from an extension in distribution. Heineken THE W ORLD OF HEINEKEN

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