Image hi distribui Heineke The good image of Heineken Beer is not only beneficial for consumer acceptance. The image also gives a helping hand at wholesale level. The 440 distributors, spread throughout the entire country, all have a local beer brand in their port folio. The volume of those brands is considerable. Nevertheless, thanks to its image and the attend ant high price or margin, Heineken always has a winning edge. Vice-President Sales Eric Mor- ham is pleased about the prof itability of Heineken for the wholesalers. "The wholesaler makes a far greater profit on Heineken than on a local brand. Heineken is there fore highly regarded. It is in a win/ win situation." One such distributor with a strong commitment to Heineken products is High Grade Beverage, based in New Jersey. With branch operations in New Brunswick and Randolph, High Grade Beverage supplies about 5,000 beer accounts. The business also has a non-alcohol division. High Grade Beverage is headed by Joe DeMarco. His son Anthony receives us in the classically furnished office, filled with awards which the company won from the biggest local brewery for its achievements. Service, says Anthony DeMarco, is the key to success. "We have the rule that we will supply the customer on the same day that we receive the order, whether that is at 10 o'clock in the morning or - if necessary - at five in the afternoon. In fact, we also make deliveries on Saturday. "Further proof of the service mindedness of High Grade Beverage, though not immediately visible, is the big number of sales representatives it employs. "Our sales people all handle between 88 and 95 accounts. We feel THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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