Worldclass product c a worldclass service Simply the best in logistics on both sides of the ocean More than 30 million cases of Heineken products have to cross the Atlantic Ocean each year and then be distributed throughout a country as big as a continent. The largest single commodity shipped from Rotterdam to the U.S. is Heineken. That calls for an outstanding logistics performance. To en sure that the entire operation runs smoothly, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle must interlock perfect ly on both sides of the ocean. The American links in the logis tics chain are the responsibility of Matt Nestor. He has been working with Van Munching for 24 years and has always been involved in logistics. "It's a living, breathing, ongoing function. I plan to stay here until I get it right", says Matt Nestor. And yet he has little cause for com plaint. Apart from the occasional hic cup, the flow of Heineken products has remained a constant factor for decades. The idea underlying that continuity is Van Munching's wish to provide good service to the 440 distri butors. "Good service can be a posi tive marketing and sales tool. I belie ve that a worldclass product deserves a worldclass service. That consistency in service is the only way to do busi ness", says Matt Nestor, who heads a nine-man department. Confirmation Every day the orders from the dis tributors flow in to Van Munching. The orders are checked, keyed into the computer and then re-checked. A copy of the processed order is sent to the distributor as confirmation. Another copy is sent to the relevant Van Munching division manager so that he is aware of how things stand. Once a day Van Munching transmits the orders by e-mail to Heineken's Export Transport Department (ETD) in Rotterdam. Matt Nestor is pleased about the installation of the electronic mail system. "It took a while to set it up, but the decision to do it was a wise one. The whole procedure is now very smooth." Benefits Mr Nestor's views on electronic orders transmission are shared by the staff of Export Transport Department in Rotterdam. Rarja Niewold, together with two colleagues, handles the day- to-day processing of the flow of orders that have been e-mailed through to Rotterdam during the night.

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