mttm fM9.m BiBB Heineken message. They felt that the commercials were consistent with the quality image emanated by Heineken and thought that the calm tone of the commercials was a perfect fit with Heineken. Viewers thought that the commercials were 'relaxed, low key, unpretentious and classy'. Sponsoring Van Munching is also active in the area of sponsoring. From the enor mous supply of local events a careful selection is made, with a focus on specific target groups. The frequently used instrument of Heineken exclu sivity during an event can never be compelled by Van Munching because of state regulations. Frequently, Van Munching eagerly latches on to global sponsorships. The stopover of the Whitbread Race for the Heineken Trophy in Fort Lauder dale in April 1994 was used by the local distributor, in cooperation with the Van Munching sales managers, for an enormous campaign to stimu late the visibility of Heineken. In addi tion, the U.S. Open Grand Slam tennis tournament at Flushing Meadows in New York serves as a tie-in for Van Munching in the area of both promo tion and hospitality. sraI THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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