U.S. The board gave its consent and in 1947 Leo van Munching became the proud proprietor of his own busi ness, Van Munching Co. Inc. Spanner With the help of liquor importer Austin Nichols, Leo van Munching succeeded in boosting sales to 90,000 cases within six years. However, the Second World War threw a spanner in the works. Exports from Holland were discontinued and Heineken soon dis appeared from the American market. This involuntary withdrawal was to last seven years. After World War II the state government of New York ruled that liquor importers were no longer Support He quickly noticed that, despite an absence of so many years, Heineken Beer had not been forgotten by the American consumer. Soon, Leo van Munching was able to inform the Heineken directors that sales were back at the same level as in 1939. At the end of the 1940s Leo van Munching received support in the business from his son Leo van Munching Jr. Leo Jr. departed for Holland, worked in the brewery and spent six months in the export depart ment familiarising himself with how things were handled. In 1950 Van Munching Co. was selling between 200,000 and 300,000 cases of Heineken Beer per year, mainly in the states of New York and New Jersey. Leo Jr. was given the assignment of boosting the distribu tion level by starting up a sales office in Chicago and putting together a sales force. His son's success in Chicago persuaded Leo Sr. to fetch him back to structure the highly important New York market accor ding to the same principle. After New Today's Van Munching management teamforeground: managing director Michael Foley. From left, Matt Nestor, Chris Vuyk, Dan Walsh and Eric Marham. had already built up much experience of exports, decided to look into the possibilities for Heineken Beer on the American market and an export manager was sent to the U.S. to con duct fieldwork. He did not need to wait to reach the U.S. before setting down to business. On board the ship he met Leo van Munching, who was working as steward on the vessel and appreciated the quality of Heineken Beer. Leo van Munching offered his services to the Heineken manager to sell Heineken Beer in America. allowed to import beer. Leo van Munching set off for Holland and con vinced the then executive board that he was the most suitable person to resume the Heineken activities in the THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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