Drastic increase in distribution in Canada through Brewers Retail The world's largest organisation specialising in the distribution and sale of domestic heer is the privately-owned Brewers Retail Inc. of Ontario, Canada, and now for the first time in the compa ny's 67-year history the world's most popular pre mium imported beer, Heineken, is available in 300 of the company's beer stores. Previously, Heineken lovers in this province of nearly 10 mil lion people could only purchase their favourite import in a govern ment-owned outlet which features mostly liquor and wine, but also stocks a limited supply of imported and domestic beer. Heineken drink ers can also patronise an on-premise establishment that offers imported brands on its beer menu. In February 1994 Heineken's sales and marketing agency, the Santa Fé Beverage Company, introduced the global brand to the lucrative Brewers Retail market which sells more than 90% of the beer in the province through its 437 outlets, called The Beer Store, in over 300 communities. Brewers Retail also has a fleet of 300 beer trucks which distribute 142 different brands of beer to 12,600 on- premise locations from a warehouse network of 62 wholesale/retail outlets and seven depots which are located strategically around the province. In 1927, the Ontarion government granted Brewers Retail the exclusive right to sell domestic beer in Ontario through private ownership. Currently owned by Canada's two brewing giants Molson and Labatt's as well as the smaller Northern Breweries, the system has been a model for more than six decades and has often been called the most efficient beer distribu tion system in the world. Trade advertisement announcing the large- scale distribution of Heineken in Ontario. The N e xv Order It's the *1 selling premium inn von 'n Ontario, and it's growing. Which makes Heineken lite new order of many of your patrons. And now, Heineken bottles are available to you exclusively through the Brewer's Retail system, so how you order is new as well. Simply include plenty of lleineken with your tegular domestic I x-cr order. Operators are standing by and so are your customers. THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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