Duty Free ut borders Developments follow each other in rapid succession Seagoing shipping was always an important area for Heineken Duty Free. As long ago as 1990 it was noted, however, that sales in this segment had declined. That down ward tendency is still continuing. Ben Winters: "That decline has three caus es: fewer and fewer ships are sailing the oceans, the crews on those ships are getting ever smaller and then there are the restrictions imposed by the shipping operators on crews as regards alcohol consumption." Similarly, sales of duty free prod ucts in the 'military market' have also been under pressure for several years. The détente in world politics has meant that fewer and fewer mili tary personnel - especially Americans - are stationed abroad. Particularly in Europe there was a mass withdrawal of the American, British and Canadian "Duty Free is always very closely in touch with the trade. That's how we can quickly see what is hap pening in the market". Ben Winters has heen the head of the Duty Free department within Heineken Export since December 1993. The breweries with duty free activities are faced with a difficult market. Ben Winters admits that a num ber of segments are under pressure, but he is not prepared to join the ranks of the pessimists. military, which caused a sharp fall in sales of duty free articles. Positive Do things really look so bad for Duty Free and is there nothing posi tive to report? Ben Winters thinks there is. "One market which has become very interesting for us is the cruise ships market. This form of holiday is becoming ever more popu lar, above all in the Caribbean." Yet interest for a cruise vacation is also growing in other parts of the world. The shipping companies can hardly keep up with demand in their investment programmes for building new vessels. "For Heineken the cruise ships have grown to become an important market within only a few years. We target the passengers for the short cruises in particular." Airl i nes Heineken Duty Free is not, how ever, directing all its efforts at cruise THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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