CONTENTS Heineken The World of Heineken and the environment Attentive readers will have noticed a change in The World of Heineken. The glossy cover has been replaced by a cover which is less harmful to the environment. We have also had this issue printed on a different grade of paper; a change that only an expert will spot. Thanks to the development of new proces ses, it is no longer necessary to use environmentally unfriend ly chlorine to create a white paper quality. These measures will en sure that The World of Heine ken can also make a small contribution to a cleaner envi ronment. Export 3 Export Director Frans van der Minne is also focusing his attention on Asia. The establishment of export offices in Hong Kong and China is evidence of the serious work being done to seize the opportunities offered by a vast country like China. A perfect pint Inchcape, agent for Heineken and Amstel in the Gulf, has developed a course to show bartenders how to serve a perfect glass of beer. Quality improvement and consumer satis faction are the central themes. May 1994 The World of Heineken is published by Heineken Interna├╝onaal Beheer and is issued at least twice a year in English and French. If you have any sugges tions or comments, please send them to: Heineken Internationaal Beheer: Corporate Public Relations Department, P.O. Box 28,1000 AA Amsterdam. Editor: Jan Kroese Translations: Alan Hemingway Photography: Erik Kuck (Amstelveen), Paul Pet (Amsterdam), Hans de Wit (Amsterdam), Dennis Brandsma (Amsterdam), Pieter Boer (Amsterdam), Allsport (London), and others Design and Production: Obbes Primowees (Amsterdam) Printing: Haverlag (Zaandam) Print run: 12,500 copies. Partial or full reproduction of articles or illustrations in this publication is only permitted with the publisher's explicit consent. 1994 Heineken Internationaal Beheer B.V. Land of the mates Australia: one continent, one mar ket? You might think so, but each state applies its own rules. The World of Heineken went 'down under' and visited a market where hard work is being done to boost the visibility of Heineken. Asia Last year was important for the growth of Heineken in Asia. Coordi nating Director Maarten Rijkens looks back at the activities in recent dec ades and looks ahead to the possi bilities in this continent. Whitbread Race Heineken press officer Vicky Stacy, present at all stopovers, gives a progress report on the world's greatest yachting event: The Whit bread Around the World Race for the Heineken Trophy.

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