30 Once the decision has been taken to seek cooperation with a big brew ery, then Mr Rijkens has found that ffeineken is almost always the first name to be mentioned. "We may not be the world's biggest brewery group but we are certainly the most inter national and that undoubtedly has a positive effect." However, the international char acter of Heineken and the undeniable quality image of the Heineken brand are not the only factors that carry weight. For many years Heineken employees have travelled throughout the region to build up customer relationships. As Mr Rijkens explains, doing business with countries in Asia calls for a totally different approach. "In that region you only get down to business after you really know each other well. You needn't expect any result at all from your first visits." Thanks to its familiarity with what's going on in the region and with the most important players, Heineken has built up an excellent relationship with the people in the brewing world there. Analysis The first years of the 1990s decade were also used to strengthen the relationship with APB. "Since then, APB has become the strategic vehicle for Heineken in the Far East. Heineken is also providing more assistance and transferring more know-how by participating in the management of APB as well as its subsidiary companies. Another aim is to build the Heineken brand further in Asia." WORLD HEINEKEN

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