Heineken World Cup of Golf 1995 Golfing fun in El Salvador present with free beer tastings. The favourable reactions from both spectators and players have strengthened the agent in its efforts to make this tour nament into an annual event. Our photo shows two Heineken hostesses behind the prize presentation table. With 161 competitors from around the world and extensive coverage in the international nautical press, the Heineken Regatta St. Maarten, held in early March in the Caribbean, was a resound ing success. The Heineken Regatta took place for the 14th time and over the years has evolved into the most important event in the region. According to a local newspaper, fun and pro fessionalism underlie its success, 'Fun it was no doubt: serious fun. More than that, it was a delight ful display of organisational and promotional skills...' Distribuidora Nacional S.A., Heineken's agenl in the Central American stale of El Salvador, recently organised the Heineken Golf Tournament for the first time. Praise came from all sides for the tournament as the country's best and most fun event. Eighty amateurs and professionals took part. At various greens Distribuidora Nacional was The 1995 edition of the Heineken World Cup of Golf is to be held in China. The Mission Hills Golf Club in the South Chinese Guanlan Township of Shenzhen will be the venue. It will be the 41st time that this event has been held. During the Heineken World Cup of Golf in China 52 teams of two players each will compete for a first prize of 260,000 US dollars. The total prize money amounts to 1.2 mil lion US dollars. The contracts were signed some time ago in China's capital Beijing in the presence of several Chinese dignitaries, Howard Clarck, Chairman of the International Golf Association, and Mr Rong Gaotang, President of the Chinese Golf Association. The international sports press was also present. Golf as a sport is still in its infancy in China but is growing fast, thanks to efforts by the Chinese Golf Association to stimulate professional golfing. The Mission Hills Golf Club was designed by the well- known American golfer Jack Nicklaus. He is also giving advice on the layout of the course. The first eighteen holes, on which the Heineken World Cup of Golf will be played, should be ready in mid-1994. The aim is to double the num ber of holes in future. IRL-U^UP GO Heineken JRLD CUP c| 7/ORLD C Hein' WORLD CUP GOLF WORLr THE WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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