Successful action against green litter on Curasao New Heineken office in Hong Kong operational A few hours after the final work had been done on the fittings and furnish ings of the new Heineken Hong Rong Export Office, Karei Vuursteen, chairman of the Executive Board of Heineken, performed the official opening ceremony. He was accompanied by Executive Board member Thony Ruys, Export Director Frans van der Minne and Regional Export Director Jack van Herpen. "Thanks to the great support from many people we were able to get the job finished just in time for the Chinese New Year. That is an excellent start for our expanding operations in Amstel Beer was an un known brand in Vietnam until 1991. In that year small volumes were ship ped to Vietnam to test consumer interest. Heineken Beer was at that China in the Year of the Dog", said Export Manager Eric Nelissen, who is in charge of the Hong Kong office. The office, located on the 27th floor of a skyscrap er block 011 Times Square, overlooks the famous Happy Valley racetrack. Personnel have been recruited and with effect from 8 April this year they will concentrate on exports to Greater China, i.e. llong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan. moment the favourite beer of Vietnamese consumers and the impact of Amstel was not high. Figures at the end of 1992 showed that Amstel was slowly but surely The Antillian island of Curasao is known as the Green Island. Not so much because of its natural beauty, but more because of the many green Heineken bottles littered around. In the middle of last year the Heineken Trading export office in Curasao, together with local agent Mensing Co., started a trial clean-up operation to help make Curasao tidier. We reported on this in the November 1995 issue of The World of Heineken. Fleineken Trading and Mensing Co. shared the costs of purchasing and operating a small truck which drives along fixed routes across the island gaining ground in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, thanks to the consistent work done to boost acceptance of the brand, for example via consumer promotions in discos. and picks up bottles which have been thoughtlessly thrown away. llco Schuringa, former manager of Heineken Trading and now working for Heineken in Papua New Guinea, helped to initiate the clean-up operation. He was satisfied with the results of the initiative and wanted to continue the trial. "Simply throwing bottles away is of course a problem of mentality, but our aim with this initiative is to show our good will towards the local commu nity and contribute towards a cleaner and tidier Curasao." Painted rickshaws are also one of the promotional activities. The men who pull the rickshaw are dressed in the Amstel colours as well (see photo). But local culture has also done its bit to bring growing success for Amstel. Consumers bought the red cartons of Amstel Beer as a Lunar New Year gift. Red is the lucky colour for the new year.

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