The Heineken Classic 1994. From left: Edzard van Basten-Batenburg, W inner Michael Clayton, Heineken Export Director Frans van der Minne and Toney Boosenburg. television coverage, especially in Asia. Each year Tony Roosenburg tries to arrange for several top-flight inter national golfers to come to the Vines Resort. For the 1994 edition he suc ceeded in contracting big names like Ian Woosnam, Ian Baker Finch and Peter Senior. Also thanks to the participation of top golf players, the Heineken Classic attracts much attention on television. Apart from Asia, the European (sports) channels are also interested in broadcasting daily highlights of the tournament. As the television pictures show, the Heineken signature is almost ideal. The dozens of signs at strategic points on the golf course ensure that the Heineken name is clearly displayed on screen for lengthy periods of time. Preparations for such a tourna ment start about six months before the event itself. Talks with the various agents of the golfers are only a small, yet essential part of the package. After that come months of prepa rations to finalise every detail of the accompanying activities. At the final, eighteenth hole big marquees are erected several weeks before the tournament. These serve for public catering and also as hospitality venues where sponsors can receive their guests. According to Tony Roosen burg, such a large-scale tournament could never be realised without the help of hundreds of volunteers. Volunteers who act as marshals during the tournament or update the leader board, volunteers who direct visitors to the available car parking spaces, volunteers who make sure that, despite the crowds of visitors, the resort is kept clean and tidy. After the first two days of play in this year's event it was clear that two professionals (Baker Finch and Woosnam) would not make the cut and would have to pack their golf bags. Because of the good relation ship of both players with the Heineken Classic it was decided, after consultation with the organisers, to close the third day of the tournament with a special Heineken Challenge. Extra holes were sunk in the green of the eighteenth hole and each player was given ten chances to outperform his opponent by holing the ball with one bunker shot and one putt. The Heineken Challenge therefore gave the spectators an extra opportunity to see their big-name favourites in action again. 21 WORLD OF HEINEKEN

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